Because California is one of the first states to implement a dual eligible demonstration, called Cal MediConnect (part of the larger Coordinated Care Initiative or CCI), and is home to 1.1 million economically vulnerable duals (more than any other state), California is a test case for the massive coordination effort. We’re heavily focused on training advocates all over the state to assist their clients as they transition into private health plans. Through this work, and our partnerships on the ground, we’re able to identify what’s working and not working and push for needed fixes to the program. Then we share our knowledge with advocates in other states to help them as their states roll out their own programs.

All California-specific resources can also be found on our duals website.

CCI Duals Resources

CCI Fix Lists

Coordinated Care Initiative Fix List – updated March 9, 2015
Fix List June 2014: California Duals Program – A Fix List for tracking problems in the roll out of California’s Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) was shared with the state’s Department of Health Care Services and CMS in June.


How is the CCI Working? An Advocate Fact Sheet on evaluations of the CCI


Evaluation of Cal MediConnect – Focus Group Results

Evaluation of Cal MediConnect – Telephone Survey Results

Rapid Cycle Polling Project October 2015 | December 2015

An earlier RTI evaluation focusing on implementation of demonstrations in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Virginia, and Washington can be found here.