Older adults in assisted living facilities deserve high-quality care in an environment that feels like home. Through insightful policy analysis, targeted advocacy, and high-impact advocate trainings, we work to ensure that assisted living facilities meet residents’ needs.

The assisted living landscape is changing. Residents with higher medical needs, who once may have lived in nursing homes, now reside in assisted living facilities. State laws regulating assisted living are inconsistent and have not kept up with residents’ changing needs. In some states, this means that residents with fairly simple medical needs are not able to live in assisted living and instead are forced into nursing homes. Also, because assisted living standards are often lax, residents in some states and facilities receive substandard care from inadequately trained staff. We are particularly concerned with low-income older adults who rely on Medicaid.

Justice in Aging is currently focused on identifying and disseminating best practices from states all over the country. Additionally, we initiated a California-specific assisted living reform effort in 2014: “Making Up for Lost Time: Addressing Problems in California’s Assisted Living System.”

Recent California-specific policy briefs, trainings, and webinars

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Resources from national work on assisted living

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