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Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Dual Eligibles: An Opportunity for Advocates

May is both Older Americans Month and Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health is a critical issue for older Americans, as one in five seniors has a mental health issue, and older men have the highest suicide rate of any group, according to the CDC. The mental health needs of seniors and persons with disabilities who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid are often overlooked in traditional medical settings, ramping up costs and leading to inadequate care. Read More

Elder Financial Abuse and Medicaid Denials: Advocates can help older adults regain health and economic security

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Elder abuse is broader than violence or neglect.  Victims of elder abuse also suffer from financial exploitation, like a former legal services client, Mrs. Anderson (name changed to protect her identity). Mrs. Anderson is an elderly nursing home resident with dementia in Maryland.  While Mrs. Anderson received nursing home care, her son misused her power of attorney to sell her house without her consent or knowledge. After the reverse mortgage company collected its payment, her the son pocketed the remaining $77,000 and used it to buy drugs. Because of this alleged “gift” to her son, Mrs. Anderson lost her Medicaid eligibility. Without help from civil legal aid, Mrs. Anderson would have been discharged from the nursing home with nowhere else to go. Read More