The dental health needs of low-income older adults have been neglected, especially in California, which ranks 30th among the states in dental care for older adults. Yet, oral health is a critical aspect of overall health for older adults. Untreated dental decay and tooth loss can not only lead to pain and difficulty eating, but also the worsening of chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

The oral health needs of low-income older Californians is a new area of advocacy for Justice in Aging, launched in July 2016.

This new project aims to improve oral health for older adults through educating local advocates and service providers on how they can help the older adults they serve access oral health care. We will also strongly advocate for both state and national policy changes to improve oral health care for California’s low-income older adults.

To kick off the new project, we released an issue brief and partnered with the Center for Oral Health in a webinar summarizing the unique needs of older adults.

Advocate Resources

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