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Nursing homes turn to eviction to drop difficult patients

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Associated Press: Nursing homes turn to eviction to drop difficult patients (5/08/2016) Rates of nursing home evictions are increasing, despite the decline in the number of nursing homes and nursing home residents in the U.S. Resident advocates argue that evictions, or involuntary transfers, are carried out without proper justification and target residents who are poor and suffering from dementia. Nursing homes that have no legal cause for eviction sometimes “try and take the easy way out and refuse to let the person back in (from hospitalization),” said Justice in Aging’s Attorney Eric Carlson.

Advancing Health Equity for Older Adults

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When John’s partner, Jack, moved into a nursing facility, the staff, who were uncomfortable assisting a gay man, let 16 days pass before helping him take a shower. “He was finally taken in for a shower by a staff member with empathy,” John shared. Afraid of future neglect and discrimination, John began checking Jack out of the nursing facility and bringing him home to their apartment to help Jack shower and shave.

John should not have to worry about a nursing facility neglecting Jack due to his sexual orientation. As an 83 year-old caregiver, John should not face the additional burden of replacing Jack’s neglected care. Read More

Five Steps to Resolving Common Nursing Home Problems

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By popular demand, we’ve updated and re-released 20 Common Nursing Home Problems—and How to Resolve Them. This guide discusses some of the most common—and most problematic—nursing home practices, and explains what residents and family members can do to fight back. Here’s a sneak-peek summary of how you can empower yourself to resolve these common problems. Read More

How California’s Assisted Living System Falls Short in Addressing Residents’ Health Care Needs

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The Problem: Can You Spot the Legal Violations in this Job Announcement?

California’s assisted living policy is surprisingly behind-the-times. 30 years ago, the assisted living system was created in California for residents without significant health needs. Today, assisted living residents are much sicker than they used to be, but there’s no solid quality of care standards for the facilities to follow to meet this need within the law. This leaves facilities in the precarious position of trying to meet residents’ health care needs, like for medication administration, sometimes by finagling their own solution like hiring a “med tech” or “med aide” –terms not defined in California law and without state education and testing standards.

Read the full issue brief here, including a quick quiz on the surprising legal violations found in many assisted living job announcements.

LGBT Older Adults in Long-Term Care Facilities: Stories from the Field

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(2011) Our ground-breaking report-LGBT Older Adults in Long-Term Care Facilities: Stories from the Field-utilizes survey results for the first-ever glimpse into issues faced by LGBT older adults in long-term care facilities.

View video stories and comments about the project.

Read the full report: LGBT Stories from the Field (updated June 2015)